Brand philosophy

We want to value handicrafts, a trade, a way of life that is tradition in the area in which we live and that we do not want to be lost.


We make each bag or straw bag with our own hands, calmly, without haste and pampering each of the finishes.

We don't want to lose the tradition, the inheritance, and that's why the production stays at home: in our little workshop of Gata de Gorgos.


We know that it is difficult to produce in Spain and compete in price against big brands.

Therefore, we have a very small margin and we will not get used to lowering our products, to guarantee the best quality all year round at the lowest price. The bag that you are going to buy here, you can only buy it on this website, in our small store in Javea or in a small selection of stores.

We exclusively use vegetable tanned leather in all our products. It drastically lowers the environmental impact with respect to chrome tanned cuir and also lasts longer, softening over time.

While vegetable tanning is not 100% perfect, it shows the nature of the leather. In addition, all our leather comes from the food industry.

Due to the natural nature of the leather we use, not all pieces of leather can be used for handles or ornaments for our bags and basket bag. Therefore, we use the small pieces of leftover cuir to make the cursors of the zippers, to stamp our brand or to make key chains or purses. Thus, we managed to create less waste.

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